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Focusing partnership practice at Glasswing International in El Salvador

Glasswing International’s mission is to transform communities with healthcare and education. They hired Focusing El Salvador to give them tools that they could use to work with victims of violence in their program that treats victims of violence and helps connect them with services they need: Sanando Heridas (Healing Wounds). Focusing Trainer Heazel Martinez gave […]

A win-win conversation with my mother

Since I have been Focusing, my relationship with my family has changed significantly. I can listen to my mother without feeling that I am responsible for solving her problems or giving her advice. When there is a troubling situation in her life, I listen to her as a Focuser. I invite her to get comfortable […]

Managing domestic disagreements

Ever since I experienced it for the first time, Focusing has be a fundamental part of my life. Every decision I make and every situation in life is accompanied by Focusing. I gained confidence from the moment I decided to have a Focusing partnership. When I have a difference of opinion with my husband, I […]