Managing domestic disagreements

Ever since I experienced it for the first time, Focusing has be a fundamental part of my life. Every decision I make and every situation in life is accompanied by Focusing. I gained confidence from the moment I decided to have a Focusing partnership.

When I have a difference of opinion with my husband, I practice the revolutionary pause, asking myself what I feel and what I need. Usually I do Focusing myself or with a partner, and then I talk with my husband again, starting with my feelings in order to explain and ask for what I need. He receives my requests differently than he used to, because, as I learned from Empathic Communication, my requests are not demands. Another change is that I no longer blame myself if we have an argument. Also, little by little I try to connect more with him, trying to perceive his feelings and needs.

–Heazel Martínez, Focusing El Salvador


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