Self-care for women activists in El Salvador

Self-care for women activists in El SalvadorFocusing Trainer Heazel Martínez gets together twice a month with a people she met in a feminist study group, to practice self-care for women. They have made a commitment to a year-long training in the elements of Focusing and Empathic Communication.

“Just arriving here, the air is different…”

At the beginning of a recent meeting, they sensed into their bodies, and expressed what they felt in drawings. These were some comments:

“Just arriving here, I feel the air is different–because this is a place where I can take care of myself and just be. I feel peaceful, calm and open to myself and my feelings.” 

“I have used what I have learned here many times during this very difficult week.  Here I can talk about how I feel. As a result, I know that I am not ONLY anger.”

“I was counting the days until I would be here again. I notice hatred and resentment in me. However, during the attunement I imagined a place with a lot of plants and that helped me breathe better.”

“I am learning not to be trapped in duality. Instead, I see that what can be seen as “bad” is part of me, and I can embrace it, seeing good and bad as part of a whole.” 

Finally, they all practiced the Revolutionary Pause, allowing themselves to notice their thoughts, feelings and needs. They ended the morning by drawing pictures in pairs.

Self-care for women means company, sisterhood, love, self-expression, listening

After that, Heazel asked “What did you find valuable or meaningful about our time together?” These were the answers:

  • Company, listening, sisterhood.
  • I feel understood, loved. I feel strong. It’s rewarding to express what I feel. Thank you!
  • Listening to someone in silence.
  • Being listened to with attention and acknowledging my feelings.
  • Learning how to discover my feelings and needs.
  • Empathic listening.
  • Feeling free to express myself.
  • Listening to the experiences of the other women. Being listened to without interruptions.
  • Learning to listen in silence and acknowledging the feelings of other people.  

Heazel says: “At the end of the morning some of us were moved to tears of gratitude for this shared space for self-care. tenderness, support and listening.”

Help Focusing El Salvador continue to provide self-care for women.

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