Psychosocial wellness

Psychosocial wellness through Focusing

Marilin Cabezas and Rocío Mendoza are the young founders of Leer para Soñar, an NGO that seeks to inspire, support and encourage young girls at risk. They are learning psychosocial wellness through Focusing by studying with Salvadoran Focusing Trainer Heazel Martínez

Focusing partnership practice at Glasswing International in El Salvador

Glasswing International's mission is to transform communities with healthcare and education. They hired Focusing El Salvador to give them tools that they could use to work with victims of violence in their program that treats victims of violence…

Focusing partnership practice for staff of “Sanando Heridas”

I am excited to be working with the staff of Glasswing International as part of their program Sanando Heridas (Healing Wounds). Staff members try to help victims of violence by meeting them at the hospital and providing them with a safe space for recovery.