Psychosocial Wellness through Focusing in El Salvador

Psychosocial wellnessMarilin Cabezas and Rocío Mendoza are the young founders of Leer para Soñar, an NGO that seeks to inspire, support and encourage young girls at risk. They are learning psychosocial wellness through Focusing by studying with Salvadoran Focusing Trainer Heazel Martínez.

“My body shows me what is important.”

For Marilin “Practicing Focusing has shown me that the body’s wisdom is deeper than words. The body naturally tells you what you are feeling. It’s always happening, but we are unaware of it. Now I can listen and pay attention when something is “making noise” inside me.

“For instance, I thought that because I had made a certain decision, everything was OK. But after making the decision, I was not able to sleep. I realized that I had not taken into account the totality of what that decision meant for me. My body was showing me what’s important.

“My reaction to problems has changed. Now if something upsets me while listening to someone, I can breathe, so that I can keep on listening.”

“I’m excited about learning all that Focusing can show me.”

Rocío says: “When I first learned Focusing, my feelings were huge. I felt wrapped up inside them. Now I can put them at a distance. Now I know I can go “little by little”. When I first experienced Focusing I was incredulous. After practicing for awhile, things started making sense, and now I’m excited about learning all that Focusing can show me.

“An important word for me is “return”. If something overwhelms me, I know I can take a step toward it, and if that doesn’t feel right, I can at least breathe and name what it is. I can return to it when the time is right. I didn’t know how to do that before.”

Help Marilin and Rocío become Certified Focusing Trainers so they can teach psychosocial wellness through Focusing to the at-risk girls of Leer para Soñar.